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Subject:Signature on Tsuba
Posted By: Will Fri, Mar 29, 2019 IP: 2003:e3:7f2d:2ef8:b5


I am owning this Japanese Tsuba and it looks like it is of quite decent quality. But I am no expert.
After some research and to my limited knowledge the shape is rather unusual though.

Well can anyone identify the signature on this Tsuba? Maybe it is also possible to determine the age of this piece based on the inscription?

Would be great if someone was able to give me some assistance.


Subject:Re: Signature on Tsuba
Posted By: Guy Sun, Mar 31, 2019

Tsunenao (常直).


Subject:Re: Signature on Tsuba
Posted By: Will Mon, Apr 01, 2019

Thanks a lot. This is very helpful.

So this Tsuba is from the Ichinomiya School?

Was it made by Tsunenao? (which would mean that it probably dates to the 18th century)
Or is it rather from the School and after Tsunenao?

Can anyone tell me what this kind of Tsuba shape is called?

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