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Subject:Asian Art work
Posted By: STEVE Tue, Mar 19, 2019 IP: 2600:1017:b403:c641:

This Drawing is
17x15 in
Any help identifying the picture would be very helpful

Subject:Re: Asian Art work
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 24, 2019

My reading,
口素草詩 - ロ Su is writting a poem
甲申年開順冩於掦州 - In the Year of Wood-Monkey (2004) Painted by Kaishun at Yangzhou
王開順印 - Seal of Wang Kaishun

Wang Kaishun, contemporary painter from Yangzhou, Jiangzhou Province.
Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association. Member of the Jiangsu Branch of Chinese Artists Association
etc. His works won many prizes in international exhibitions. His works are collected by galleries and individuals.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Asian Art work
Posted By: steve Sun, Mar 24, 2019

thanks for your response
i am trying to find some other works by this artist but am having trouble finding anything on the computer
If possible, maybe you can possible help again
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