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Subject:Woodblock print identification.
Posted By: Spartakos Fri, Mar 15, 2019 IP:

Could you please help me identify an artist that made this print, ukioe did not find any matches on it.. It is signed mikumo but i am finding out that it is a publishing house and not an actual artist.
Thank you.

Subject:Re: Woodblock print identification.
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 17, 2019

The print shows the map of Kyōto.
The signature "Mikumo" exactly matches with the signature by Inagaki Nenjiro (稲垣稔次郎) on his prints published from Mikumo Mokuhansha (美雲木版社)

Inagaki Nenjiro 1902-1963 established his name as dye-artist. From 1958 professor at the Kyoto Municipal Fine Arts College. He designed only a few woodblock prints in the 1950-60s which were published by Mikumo Mokuhansha in Kyōto.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Woodblock print identification.
Posted By: Spartakos Mon, Mar 18, 2019

Esteemed I. Nagy
Thank you for the identification, I was not able to find a photo of this print online to compare and evaluate the condition of the print.
Best regards
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