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Subject:Can Anyone Read Pencil Inscription On Back Of Chinese Peasant Painting
Posted By: Gary Sat, Mar 02, 2019 IP:

Hi,, Another of my Chinese peasant paintings,, this one has no seal or signature but does have a pencil inscription on the back,, can anyone make out what it reads ??


Subject:Re: Can Anyone Read Pencil Inscription On Back Of Chinese Peasant Painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 03, 2019

富風筆 - Painted by Fu Feng
除衛雄 - Chu Weixiong
The 3rd one is just an adhoc marking.

With regards,

Subject:Surname is 陳 instead of 除
Posted By: Super Tue, Mar 05, 2019

I beg to differ.

The surname of the person written at the bottom of the middle picture (first character to the left), IMHO, is not 除 Chu but instead
陳 Chen (Mandarin) or Chan (Cantonese)or Tan (Taishangnese) which is the no.5 Chinese surname in the 100 Chinese surnames.

除 Chu is not really a common Chinese surname, at least I do not know of any people using it as a Chinese surname, but funny things happened during the Qing dynasty when a lot of those Qing natives (of the eight flags) started using unusual Chinese characters such as 蓝 (blue color) Lan as their surnames, therefore anything is possible.

Usually 徐 Xu, no. 11 on the top 100 surnames list is the Chinese surname instead of 除 Chu

Also, the right radical of this character is the cursive 草書 of 東 Dong(East), therefor the surname can only be 陳

No pun intended.

Subject:Re: Surname is 陳 instead of 除
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Mar 06, 2019


You are right,
The surname is definitely 陳 Chen
and the kites are amply represented around 富風筝
Thank you for your meticulous job as always.
With best regards,

Subject:Re: Surname is 陳 instead of 除
Posted By: Super Thu, Mar 07, 2019

Hi, Nagy:

You are very welcome. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job in helping others in this forum.


Subject:风筝 not 風筆 (kites, title of the painting)
Posted By: Super Tue, Mar 05, 2019

I do not believe the first three characters are:
富風筆 - Painted by Fu Feng
because it did not make a lot of sense for there is a name (probably the artist) and then another artist on the top row.

I believe the top inscription is the title of the painting, and instead of
風筆, they should be
风筝 feng zheny (kites)

especially if you look at the painting there are tons of kite there.

I am not 100% sure what the first character (to the left is) but I guess it may be 赛, to compete or to fight it out. I vividly remember when I was young, my uncles would fly kits with strings with glass particles so they could cut down other kites.

No pun intended. Just want to help.

Subject:𡧳 (赛) 风筝 - Kite Fight is the title of this painting
Posted By: Super Thu, Mar 07, 2019

I am now 99.99% sure that the top pencil inscription on the back of this painting is the title of the painting:

𡧳风筝 - Kite Fight (or Kite Fight Competition)
Normally,𡧳 should be written as 赛, but it can also be written as 𡧳 (see first picture for examples of using 𡧳)

It is usually used together with 比 to form the compound word 比𡧳 (比赛) bi sai which means competition (race).

In this case I believe Kite Fight would be the better translation because Kite Fight is just like dog fights between fighter aircrafts. This is an art in Asia, including Hong Kong, where people will fly kites and try to cut down the strings of the kite of others. The final kite remain will be the winner. I had watched quite a few of these kite fights in Hong Kong myself but unfortunately our team was always on the losing side.

You can see some kite fights in these links:

Hope this helps.



"Fighter kites are kites used for the sport of kite fighting. Traditionally most are small, unstable single-line flat kites where line tension alone is used for control, and an abrasive line is used to cut down the string/line of other kites.

Kite fighting is done in many countries, but is particularly associated with Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, and Brazil."

Subject:Re: 𡧳 (赛) 风筝 - Kite Fight is the title of this painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Mar 08, 2019

Super My hat`s off to you !
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