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Subject:Mibae in (Mibae school)??? (Bill H. / I.Nagy)
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Feb 04, 2019 IP:

In 2012 there was a question on this forum about a Japanese Satsuma mark, see:

Bill H. tried to solve it, but had some difficulties with a part of the mark, which is seen also in the 1st mark here. It concerns the 3 characters in the column in the middle: 實 生 院.
It was Guy who translated this as "Mibae in" (Mibae school).
I've seen a quit a number of marks with these 3 characters or only the first 2, and I'm still wondering: is "Mibae in" the correct translation? Perhaps I.Nagy can share his thoughts about it?

Then I came upon an other mark (2nd picture) in which one find a part of this name, but with another 2nd character (middle column): 實 ? 院.
Is this the same name written otherwise? I could not find a matching character, so which character is it.
Is my translation of the rest after 院 "in" correct? Gi 儀 Tomo 友 Hitsu 筆 (ritual or ceremonial brushed)?
Followed by Shunzan 春山 Zo 造.

I curious to find out with you guys think.

Link :Michels

Subject:Re: Mibae in (Mibae school)??? (Bill H. / I.Nagy)
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Feb 05, 2019

大日本薩摩国 - Dai Nippon Satsumakoku
實生院 - Jissei-in or Jitsuō-in
鹿月画 - Kagetsu-ga (Shikazuki-ga) Painted by...
實   - Jitsu (In the "kado-in 角印" square mark)

大日本薩摩国 - Dai Nippon Satsumakoku
寳重院 - Hōshuin
儀友筆 - Noritomo-hitsu (Painted by Noritomo)
春山造 - Shunzan-zō (Made by Shunzan)

I think that the Jissei-in and Hōshuin, typical Buddhist names were the psudonymes of the painters. In the Edo period painters were allowed to use self-styled Buddhist "Dharma" names. Otherwise, the Jissei-in is a name of a Buddhist temple in Kyoto,
and several temples throughout Japan bear the name Hōshu-in.
It is my opinion, perhaps, others will have a different take.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Mibae in (Mibae school)??? (Bill H. / I.Nagy)
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Feb 06, 2019

Dear Mr. Nagy,

Many, many thanks for your explanation. After a long time the mystery marks for me are finally solved. And indeed, I found some items marked as Jissei-in.
Yours sincerely,
Martin Michels.

Subject:Re: Mibae in (Mibae school)??? (Bill H. / I.Nagy)
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Feb 06, 2019

I'd been hoping from the time of the original post that someone would come along and clean up behind me. The gifted I. Nagy has done that for us masterfully again.

Many thanks

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