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Subject:yixing teapot
Posted By: david Fri, Feb 01, 2019 IP: 2607:fea8:1c1f:f90f:

Can anyone identify the artist/ potter of this teapot? Thank you! David.

Subject:Re: yixing teapot
Posted By: mikeoz Sat, Feb 02, 2019

The potter's name in the mark reads 錢慧勤 Qian Hui Qin. I have looked through the relatively limited resources I have and cannot find that name among the YiXing potters. The round seal has the full name plus "made by"; the smaller seal has only the given names Hui Qin.

However, in Google searching, I found a potter with the same family name and first given name - Qian Hui Lin - but I don't know if it could be a relative. 錢慧霖 | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |