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Subject:Mark on Satsuma style Japanese eggshell porcelain
Posted By: Pete Mon, Jan 28, 2019 IP:

I have a finely painted Satsuma style eggshell tea set - a plate shown. Second character is tsukuru, does anyone know what the first character of the mark is - looks like a 'house of' mark.
Many thanks in advance, Pete

Subject:Re: Mark on Satsuma style Japanese eggshell porcelain
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Jan 30, 2019

This is Kutani ware.
The character under the "roof" (Yago) is "Sei" 清, meaning "pure".
The bottom character is "Zo" 造, meaning "made (by)".
According I.Nagy - Japanese language expert of this forum - a Yago character above another character might be interpreted as short for "Yama" (normally 山).
So the translation might be: Yamasei Zo (made by Yamasei). This kind of Yago (roof) marks are often the mark of a small family workshop in the 1920's / 1930's.
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