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Subject:Silk paint
Posted By: RGomes Sun, Jan 06, 2019 IP:

Can you help me with the characters and words, please?
Thank you

Link :Gomes

Subject:Re: Silk paint
Posted By: rat Tue, Jan 08, 2019

Both leaves are reproductions of paintings by Ming painter Shen Zhou that are part of a larger album in the collection of the Palace Museum Beijing. The texts are poems.

Use the arrow keys at the following link to see all of the pictures that comprise the album. Doubleclicking on any one of the leaves will bring up a larger photo:

Subject:Re: Silk paint
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jan 09, 2019

These two leaves are repros from Shen Zhou`s (沈周) "Sleeping Travel Picture Album" (臥遊圖冊)consisting of 19 leaves. Original in the National Palace Museum Collection (Beijing)
Shenzou 沈周 1427-1509 Painter of the Ming Dynasty
Courtesy name; Qinan 啓南 -Seasl under the signatures-
Other seals are collector seals;

With regards,
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