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Subject:YiXing Teapot - scribed and stamped
Posted By: Jack Thu, Jan 03, 2019 IP:

Hallo all.
This is what I have assumed to be a rather nice YiXing teapot. Other than a little 'nibbling' to the inside of the lid edge, its in lovely condition. There is a single stamp on the bottom and two smaller stamps inside the lid.
Can somebody please help me to understand what the text around the teapot means and whether the maker/date can be identified.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

Subject:Re: YiXing Teapot - scribed and stamped
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 06, 2019

近水知魚性 近山職鳥音
乙酉夏月 - Year of Wood-Rooster (2005) Summer Month
許 - Xu -Surname (if I read it right)
Near the water to know the nature of fishes
Near the mountain to know the sounds of birds

Bottom mark;
葛岳純制 - Made by Ge Yuechun

Ge Yuechun (1936-)
Senior craft artist from Jiangsu Province

With regards,

Subject:Re: YiXing Teapot - scribed and stamped
Posted By: Jack Sun, Jan 06, 2019

Hi I.Nagy.
Thank you for the information, it is much appreciated.
So, to summarise: the craftsman is Ge Yuechun and the teapot was made to celebrate the Year of the Wood-Rooster (2005). The rest of the text is a poetical reference to nature (water and mountain).
Is this correct and are such teapots regularly made to celebrate each year?
Did you notice the two marks inside the lid (images I sent in a subsequent message)?

Subject:Re: YiXing Teapot - scribed and stamped
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jan 07, 2019

Dear Jack,
The sexagenary cycle dating (Year of Wood-Rooster) and the teapot making do not have anything to do with each other in this case. It would be different if there was a rooster image or a poetical reference to rooster in the inscription.
As of the marks inside the lid I already replied meantime.

With regards,
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