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Subject:Ball vase, sake bottle?
Posted By: Robin Wed, Jan 02, 2019 IP: 2601:988:8200:1871:a

Can anyone help me understand what the characters on the bottom mean and maybe who the maker is of this beautiful little vase?

Link :ball vase

Subject:Re: Ball vase, sake bottle?
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jan 03, 2019

The base-mark reads "Made at Jingdezhen" (Jing-de-zhen zhi - 景德镇製). It is written in two lines of simplified characters that are read horizontally across from the top right as:


Based on the simplified characters and style of motif, I believe the vase is a late 20th century or subsequent Chinese product. However, the four-character base-mark is written in an manner that seems to be overshadowed nowadays by four and six-character Jingdezhen marks that read vertically down from the top right, e.g:


Couldn't spot an example of this style among four-character "Jingdezhen zhi" marks at

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Ball vase, sake bottle?
Posted By: mikeoz Thu, Jan 03, 2019

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