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Subject:contemplative monks
Posted By: ryan Fri, Dec 21, 2018 IP: 2600:1702:31b0:89e0:

I believe this scroll to be mid-20th century, though it might be older. Another scroll that my uncle's father brought back after his career in China and Taiwan.

Can anyone tell me who the author is or anything more about it?

Subject:Re: contemplative monks
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Dec 23, 2018

紅塵隔断三千文 流水聲中讀道經
Road dust cuts off three thousand characters (words)
Looking out to the road amid the sounds of running water
丁亥暮秋作於歇浦 - Year of Fire-Pig (1947)
End of Autumn at Xiepu (Huangpu River in Shanghai)
袁松年 - Yuan Songnian
松年画印 - Picture Seal of Songnian

Yuan Songnian 1895-1966 Born in Panyu district of Guandong, Shanghai (Haipai) style landscape painter
Graduated from Shanghai St. John`s University. In his early years learned Western style painting, then changed to Chinese style.He used to be a painter at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy.

With regards,
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