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Subject:Chinese Celadon Vase
Posted By: Henry Wilson Wed, Dec 19, 2018 IP:

I picked this up recently in Japan. It was sold as a Chinese celadon vase. It consists of 4 parts; the fluted neck, the squat body, the sizeable foot/base and the decorations which appear to be plums with leaves. One of the plums slipped after glazing and a firing has fixed it in place slightly lower than it should be. Over all the vase has a very soft pale olive green glaze that feels like soap in hand. There is evidence of the artisan’s fingers on the foot/base. The split in the base seems to be a finger nail, there is a slight indentation where the base has been gripped and there is a break in the glaze where a finger has prevented it from being applied. This reveals the base material which is a soft off white colour.

It was not expensive and I bought it believing it was a fake. However, on it arriving I get the impression it has some age. I wonder if anyone can comment on its authenticity.

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