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Subject:Qianlong vase
Posted By: Kim turner Sat, Nov 24, 2018 IP:

I have gone round and round over this vase left to me from my Nan.
I have been advised it is qianlong and I don’t know anyone who could help me see if this is authentic?? But the pictures I have taken are just being rejected as for some reason they are too big and I have tried everything to post them

Subject:Re: Qianlong vase
Posted By: Myra Mon, Nov 26, 2018

Dear Kim,

I am not a whizzkid, but I have had this problem before and solved it by sending the picture(s) by email to myself.
I used my smartphone (iPhone) which gives you the opportunity to choose a smaller picture format.
Once sent/received, you can download the smaller picture(s) from your mail and upload them to your message on this forum website.

Again, I am not a whizzkid, but it works for me.

Best regards,
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