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  • Painter This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Massimo Boschi - Nov 21, 2018 (08:27 AM)
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Posted By: Massimo Boschi Wed, Nov 21, 2018 IP:

Good day,
My name is Massimo Boschi and I have been trying to have some answers on a painting that I assisted the creation of in November 1990 in Hangzhou, the painter was well known and I believe a university professor. At the end of the creation I tried to purchase the painting but was met with very hard indignation on behalf of the students that were with him, not meaning any disrespect I accepted the fact that the painting would not be mine and proceeded to leave. Our translator urged us to leave quickly as the students were getting very agitated so I said to the professor if I could have dinner with him so as to have a chat with the creator of such beautiful art, he accepted. That evening after a fantastic meal and chat while leaving he looked at me and said "I would like you to have this" proceeding to hand me the painting that I saw him create. I asked him to sign it in English which he did and to be honest did not seem to be accustom to writing in English, the name he wrote was Zhou Shi Ching. If possible, I would like to send some pictures of the painting to find out more about who he was/is and possible value.
best regards,
M. Boschi

Subject:Re: Painter
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Nov 22, 2018

I believe the painter you met in China may have been Zhou Shicheng (simplified script: 周诗成/standard script: 周詩成), indicated at a Chinese website (link below) as having been born in 1925 and dying in 2010. I've included a snapshot of Zhou below to see if you recognize him.

I've done a rough, machine-assisted translation of his brief biography from the site and include it below as well (if you also happen to get a translation of it from the forum's contributing ace translator I. Nagy, please trust his version over mine).

Zhou's information is about halfway down a longer list of artists & their paintings, so if you access the site, it would be best to use the "find" feature in your browser to search for his name in either English or the simplified characters given here. He seems to be a well-respected artist in China and internationally.

-- 周诗成(Zhou Shicheng 1925—2010)--



Zhou Shicheng was born in 1925 in Longchang County, Sichuan Province. In 1949, was admitted to Hangzhou National Art Institute, 1953 graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. He became a professor of the China Academy of Fine Arts, a member of China Artists Association, honorary dean of Sichuan Yongning Poetry and Painting Institute. His works frequently appeared in provincial and national art exhibitions, and oftentimes elsewhere in the countrywide at individual art exhibitions and lectures. He has participated in exhibitions in the United States, North Korea and Hong Kong; showed his works during 1987 in the USA at a New York solo show; and jointly exhibited the same year in Los Angeles with Qian Yankang. In 1990 at the Hangzhou National Watercolor Painting exhibition Zhou Won the Golden Horse Award. His works are collected in the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia.

He is said to paint with "watery painting techniques", "watercolor painting methods and techniques", "unfettered aesthetic expression", Painting like the watercolor teacher "Xu Qingxian" and "Zhou Shichen himself in figural painting". When the State Education Commission filmed a "Chinese teaching art professional watercolor Landscape sketch demonstration" for satellite broadcast, Zhou Shicheng was included in the "Chinese contemporary artist Painting Library” segment."

Zhou Shicheng was an obsessive and simple painter, who, over the years, stayed with the study and creation of watercolor paintings, while adhering to a reflection of life, paying attention to sketching its solidly modeled foundation, painting works that appeared and felt real.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :Zhou Shicheng

Subject:Re: Painter
Posted By: massimo boschi Mon, Nov 26, 2018

Thank you so much, i do think it is him from what i can remember. Your input has been very much appreciated.
best regards,
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