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Subject:ID Maker's Mark on Enamel and Brass Shrine
Posted By: Amy S. Tue, Nov 13, 2018 IP:

Stamped with MAKER'S MARK on bottom. Could you ID Maker as well as exactly when made and function of item? Made of sheet brass with enameled front. Measures 9"x6.5"x4". Could be housing for a clock, but lacks hinges or doors. Perhaps a shrine? Dragon figures and agate pearl atop roof nearly identical to those on building in a diorama recently sold by Heritage Auctions in September 2018. Link to Heritage auction item provided.

Link :Heritage Auction Diorama Image

Subject:Re: ID Maker's Mark on Enamel and Brass Shrine
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Nov 13, 2018

I believe that the mark probably is 內府監製 (Nei fu jian zhi), translatable as "Made under Inner Palace Supervision", which reveals nothing about the real maker. I couldn't reach Heritage Auctions via your link, but have another link of my own to a silver-clad porcelain lamp that appeared in the forum back in March 2018 with the same mark (Picture below) and a teapot of mine with probably the same mark also shown at the embedded link. My subjective experience with the cladding is that most has been from the mid-20th century and later, but your item may be earlier, as the silver looks to be somewhat better quality than most of that used for the other items I've seen, including the lamp and teapot. I can't add anything to your speculation on possible uses for yours besides a shrine.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :Silver-clad Lamp

Subject:Re: ID Maker's Mark on Enamel and Brass Shrine
Posted By: Amy S. Thu, Nov 15, 2018

I am trying to think of the CONTEXT of why this fake mark would have been applied. Do you suppose the makers were implying that the pieces were loot from the 1860 sack of the Old Summer Palace in Peking, thus making them more valuable? Or that they were connected to the Qing dynasty in general and thus older pieces? Were these pieces made specifically to appeal to Westerners? Were they made for export only, or sold in China?

I have just done some research on ebay and found newly-made objects of "Tibetan Silver" with ornaments (lion head appliques, dragon heads and small dragons)that are absolutely identical to those on my piece. Mine, however, is well-made from a high quality brass, so perhaps it is from a somewhat earlier date (like the 1970s??)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Subject:Re: ID Maker's Mark on Enamel and Brass Shrine
Posted By: David Fri, Nov 16, 2018

Dear Amy.
""why this fake mark would have been applied"".
Fake marks are there to deceive and usually to make more money. I certainly wouldn't use ebaby in order to learn. The only thing I ever learned on ebaby is how to be dishonest and profit from it. I learned nothing about antiques, porcelain or objcts of art.
Good luck and kind regards. D | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |