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Subject:Help with this Kano school painting / artist
Posted By: Johnny A Mon, Nov 12, 2018 IP:

I'm looking to identify this Kano school painting. It's painted on silk, mounted on 26 x 60 cm scroll, the actual painting size is 20,5 x 20 cm. On the backside is written 狩野探盛守孝 筆 観音圖 (kanou tansei moritaka hitsu kannonzu, ie. Kannon painted by Kano Tansei Moritaka).

But I can't find information about Kano Tansei or Moritaka, so any help with this would be appreciated!

Subject:Re: Help with this Kano school painting / artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Nov 18, 2018

Dear Johnny,

I have found Tansei 探盛 in the following two books,
大日本書畫家大鑑 (傳記上編)
with the same short one line entry:
” 探盛 外内 狩野探信守道の門人 文政頃 ”
ie. Tansei, Sotouchi, Disciple of Kanō Tanshin Moridō (Active) around Bunsei era

Sotouchi was his original family name,
Kanō Tanshin Moridō -7th gen. Kajibashi Kanō family painter 1785-1836

The reading of the seal is 藤原 Fujiwara
This seal can be seen on some works of 探雪守定
Tansetsu Morisada.

With regards,
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