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Subject:Please, Help Identify Artist
Posted By: John Miller Fri, Nov 09, 2018 IP: 2601:204:cf80:212e:8

Hi I Nagy,

Thank you again for all the valuable information on the prior translation. I am overly impressed by the quality and accuracy of your knowledge, it feels like asking the encyclopedia of Asian art :)

I have these three drawings, I presume from the same artist. Is there any inscription on any of these that could tell who is the artist ?

Thanks again.

Subject:Re: Please, Help Identify Artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Nov 12, 2018

東海道 - Tōkaidō - (Estern Coastal Road)
神奈川駅の南芝生 - Lawn south of Kanagawa Station
浅間神祠まつり -  Sengen Shrine Festival
それには人穴といふあり - Furthermore, there is lava cave
それは日本の桃花源なり - This is the origin of plum blossom in Japan

清見嵜 - Kiyomizaki  - Kiyomi Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture
清見寺 - Seigenji Temple

金澤  - Kanazawa   (Kanagawa Prefecture)
能見堂 - Nōkendō Temple
擲筆松 - Fudesute-matsu (Brush-throw pine*)

*According to the legend, a court painter in the Heian era tried to draw the view from here, but his brush didn`t advance to the superb view. Finally he threw away his brush at the foot of this pine tree.
(The tree was cut down during the last war)

With regards,
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