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Subject:Translation from previous investigation
Posted By: David Sat, Nov 03, 2018 IP:

Dear I Nagy.
A while back (July 29), you were kind enough to decipher a particularly difficult seal. I have roughly included your text replies here. Since you mentioned you would be back by Oct end and able to tap into better resources I was hoping you would be able to locate my artist in the archives. I only hope you have a little bit more time for me on this.
Yours sincerely.
Text follows:

"""The reading of seals did cause some headaches to me. The first character of the name seal still remains an enigma.
I read it,
 ..田耕南 - ..ta(da) Kōnan
The eproblem is that I can not find a painter in the literature or on the net whose name fits to the aboves.
Tentatively, I read the leisure seal,
壽嶊 -Jusai or
壽嶄 - Juzan    Either approx. Outstanding longevity (The place of 山 radical is interchangeable)
Later if I find the right reading I will let it you know.

With regards,

""" I got the knack of the first missing character.
It is a mixture of seal and calligraphic script,
舛  - Masu   in full
舛田耕南  - Masuda Kōnan or
舛田耕常  -  Masuda Kōjō
My hunch is the same about the dating
Seemingly a forgotten artist. Now, until the end of October I am away from Japan, so I can rely only on my limited personal library and the net. After returning I'll check it in better stocked Japanese libraries.

With regards,

Text ends

Subject:Re: Translation from previous investigation
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Nov 08, 2018

Dear David,
Yesterday, I spent a full day in two university librairies without tangible result. I didn`t give up yet. I would like to ask you for more patience.
With regards,

Subject:Re: Translation from previous investigation
Posted By: David Fri, Nov 09, 2018

Thanks for your efforts I Nagy.
Much appreciated.
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