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Subject:Help with Asian script and information
Posted By: Michael E Fri, Nov 02, 2018 IP:

Anybody know what Asian script or language this is?
Any form of translation? It’s on a porcelain bowl.

Subject:Re: Help with Asian script and information
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Nov 05, 2018

This seal script mark is in the Chinese list tentatively as circa 1980 and from one of the Macao porcelain painting factories. The two large characters on either side of the four-character group are read across to the left as "Macao" (Aomen - 澳門), while the other four are read down and across from the top right as "Produced under the supervision of Heng Ming" (Heng Ming Jian Zhi - 恆明監製). Heng and Ming are both surnames or can be read together literally as "Constant Brilliance", so without further information, there remain multiple implications to consider in the factory name.

Best regards,

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