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Subject:Chinese Horseshoe Chair... Antique, Vintage, or Reproduction?
Posted By: James Tue, Oct 23, 2018 IP: 2601:600:827f:b47c:f

Hi there, I recently found this chair in a thrift shop. The only identifying mark I can decipher, is a paper label (written in english) indicating it's from the People's Republic of China, under the back part of the seat. It looks too nice to be very old. However, I know I may be wrong. Wondering if anyone has tips for determining age, Or whether or not it's a reproduction? Thanks, James

Subject:Re: Chinese Horseshoe Chair... Antique, Vintage, or Reproduction?
Posted By: Kirk Sun, Jul 28, 2019

unfortunately you're right, it's very late. The spandrels are far too long, but more importantly the seat panel is made with machine tools, you can tell this by the gap between the frame and panel. It's actually surprisingly difficult to get a Chinese cleated panel seat (or top) to fit perfectly, it's all very Taoist; ie: Made by a follower of the way, and there is only one way. Many years of devotion and practice. Just like Kung Fu, you certainly can't learn it overnight (unless you've freed yourself from the matrix, haha). So either it's from another reality in the time space continuum, or you're quite right, it's a repro. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |