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Subject:Help with mark on vase
Posted By: Brett Fri, Oct 19, 2018 IP:

Anyone know what the mark says? I scoured through gotheborg, but was unable to find an exact match. Any help is appreciated.

Subject:Re: Help with mark on vase
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Oct 22, 2018

The mark reads down and across from the top right as "Bai Hu Isolated Kiln" (Bai hu gu yao - 白滸孤窑), also translatable as "solitary" or "orphan" kiln. According to one Chinese-language website, the Bai Hu Isolated Kiln, located at Wenquan Town, Fuzhou-Linchuan District, Jiangxi Province, was one of China's six famous kilns from the early days of the Southern Song Dynasty and reputedly possessed the highest level of technology in the ensuing Yuan, late Ming and early Qing periods.

In my opinion, if your vase was made by this kiln, then they still seem to possess state-of-the art kiln technology, however they seem never to have come to the attention of anyone else in the forum before.

I include a link to a Chinese site with another vase bearing the same mark. It is a forum but seems you have to be a member to make comments or read them.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :Bai Hu Gu Yao Vase

Subject:Re: Help with mark on vase
Posted By: Brett Mon, Oct 22, 2018

Thanks Bill. That was very informative and helpful. Would you have a guess as to the age of the piece? Is it new or could it be from around the turn of the century. I see that there are some black speckles in the glaze, and I have see this in some of the Qing pieces I've had in the past. Its hard to imagine this kiln being famous and not being able to find much else bearing the mark.

Subject:Re: Help with mark on vase
Posted By: Brett Mon, Oct 22, 2018

I searched around a little more and I came across this site / vase

It's a little difficult to get by with google translate, but from my understanding the vase pictured was part of Jingdezhen Cultural Revolution which lasted from 1966-70's. That site looks like it is selling that vase for 350 yen? Or is it 35000 yen? The mark / glaze / colors all look very comparable so I would guess that it is from the same factory. Am I on the right track? Thanks for any help

Subject:Re: Help with mark on vase
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Your link was much more informative than mine. The 350 Chinese yuan/renminbi works out to about US$50.00, but it's still around a month's salary for some jobs in China these days. During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, leading cadre in charge of production units were always looking for historical and other models to emulate, and this kiln probably seemed like a good one, or at least a safe one politically.

I can't imagine your vase is a modern fake, because nobody in China has that much nostalgia about the Cultural Revolution as far as I know. Here's another link to the English site for, a Shanghai-based internet mall dealing in Chinese products and is selling Cultural Revolution-era porcelain to European and other foreign buyers (and I suppose Chinese too). If the link works, properly, it should show the search results for Cultural Revolution-era wares being offered under the same Chinese name that appears as a watermark on the photos of the vase shown at your link, which I believe probably is the Yoycart name in Chinese, "博艺瓷軒" (Bo yi ci xuan - Pavilion of Extensive Artistic Porcelain). Everything they're selling looks authentic late 60s-70s to me.

Best regards,

Bill H

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