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Subject:ca 1900 Japanese Cup & Saucer
Posted By: Effie Mon, Oct 15, 2018 IP:

I'm told this set is circa 1900 Yokahama. Is it also Satsuma? Can anyone decipher the marks? It looks like wealthy people partying on a balcony, possibly musicians, with a large gong? Any help, opinions, observations, or gems of wisdom appreciated!

Subject:Re: ca 1900 Japanese Cup & Saucer
Posted By: Arjan Tue, Oct 16, 2018

Hi Effie,

With a lot of fantasy (for me) the right site could read "Nippon Yokohama" Nippon without "Dai" before it is a good indication it's post Meiji so I go for a Taisho dating. What's usualy called Satsuma is more Stoneware with a crackled surface. Your cup and saucer isn't stoneware but porcelain.

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