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Subject:Maria Gabo woodblock - unknown artist 4
Posted By: J. Boussinesq Mon, Sep 10, 2018 IP:

Dear All,

I have recently come across a lot of 31 Japanese woodblocks by Maria Gabo, published 1931-33, I believe. They are all flower and bird subjects in a light painting style without key blocks. There were probably 36 originally. After a few weeks of searching, I have identified many of the artists, but there are still some that are in my references or found online easily. The identified artists are:
Fukuda Suiko
Ikeda Yoson
Kanashima Keika
Miyake Kohaku
Mori Moriaki
Nakamura Daizaburo
Suison Ogawa
Tonouchi Misyo
Tsuchida Bakusen
Uda Tekison
Uemura Shoko
Yamaguchi Kayo

All prewar Kyoto artists as far as I can tell, some very well known but others maybe not so well. The rest are stumping me, and any help would be welcome. I will post one unknown artist on each message: any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown artist 4 is below.

Subject:Re: Maria Gabo woodblock - unknown artist 4
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Sep 11, 2018

Signature and seal,
竹喬 - Chikkyō (or Chikukyō)
Ono Chikkyō 小野竹喬 1889-1979
Learned painting at Takeuchi Seihō

竹喬作於林塢亭中 - Painted by Chikkyō in Rin'u
竹喬 - Chikkyō

With regards,
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