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Subject:Ming Qui-style statues
Posted By: Sheri Sun, Sep 09, 2018 IP:

I bought these two (70cm each) "fat lady" statues about 5 years ago here in Hong Kong, not in an antique shop but a private sale. Like a garage sale, actually. They were very dirty and wrapped in dirty plastic. But, I fell in love with them instantly...I didn't even ask nor think that they were anything of real value, just a unique decor item.

I paid HK$500. for the pair.

We are preparing to leave HK now, retiring to New Zealand, so wanted to try to maybe get more info here before we go, as probably can't find nfo easily there.

They are extremely fragile and heavy, so I don't want to haul them across the city to get info, so was happy to find your forum!

Brief description:

70cm height
Muted colours
Hands detach

Are they both women, or is the one with the book a man?

I've read up about the history of these statues, and even if they are copies...which they likely are, but very good ones...I find the whole story very interesting.

Anything you can share further would be great!

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