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Subject:Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: John Thu, Sep 06, 2018 IP:

Hi everyone I was wondering could I have your great insight into a Bowl I picked up. It looks to have the Chenghua mark, but I am not an expert so I need help. The bowl looks well it has some damage which has been held on by tape. I picked the Bowl up at Auction it was in a box. So it looks to be old, looks to be the correct marking but I'm not sure. So any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance John






Link :

Subject:Re: Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: Arjan Fri, Sep 07, 2018

Hi John,

Your bowl does have a Chenghua mark indeed and does have age as well but isn't -as maybe the marking suggest- Chinese but Japanese.


Subject:Re: Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: Emiko Gilmore Sat, Sep 08, 2018

Hi Arjan and John, the bowl is Japanese. It is a porcelain product in Imari style from Kaga Daishoji, made 1880-1900. Best Regards,Emiko

Subject:Re: Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: Arjan Sun, Sep 09, 2018

Hi Emiko,

Thanks, I must admit that I would date it a bit earlier on base of the color of the blue. On the pictures the cobalt seems of the "old type". (so pre -about- 1870).
Now you mention Daishoji I als have another question about Daishoji ware (I recently had a discussion about it at another site):
What is your definition of Daishoji ware?
My own definition fits with the period mentioned by you when the company that was started to make this ware by kuntani potters was ended after suffering economic downfalls and a fire in 1900. Others say what's made in 1950's and on is also called Daishoji. I think then your turn it into a style.


Subject:Re: Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: Emiko Gilmore Sun, Sep 09, 2018

Hi Arjan, I was afraid if I use "Daishoji", I may come to open another door. I would say when I say "Daishoji" product, it means where it is marketed from, in another word, the outlet or wholesalers location. Imari style porcelain industry in Kaga Ishikawa at the time was operated under "bungyo" system just as it was done in Hizen region. Potters, painters and sellers were all worked independently. They manufactured the goods under the merchant's order. Emiko

Subject:Re: Chenghua Marked Bowl
Posted By: Johm Thu, Sep 13, 2018

Thank you !!! Many thanks for the info!
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