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Subject:Help Identifying Ukiyo-e Triptych
Posted By: 馬可 Mon, Aug 06, 2018 IP:

I'm having trouble trying to identify the author or any reference about this prints i own.
The first kanji in the signature is of course Yoshi 芳, but i cant identify the second one: 琴?
I found it very hard to find anything on the internet. If somebody could help, any information will be of great assistance.

Subject:Re: Help Identifying Ukiyo-e Triptych
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Aug 08, 2018

Signature reads,
芳豐 (芳豊) - Yoshitoyo
貝屋善吉 - Kaiya Zenkichi (Name of Kabuki actor
depicted on the triptych)

Utagawa Yoshitoyo 歌川芳豊1830-1866
Painter from the Utagawa school. Student of Kunisada and Kuniyoshi.

With regards,
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