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Subject:Heavy Brass vessel mark identification please
Posted By: BOB BURNETTE Thu, Aug 02, 2018 IP:

This 2.5 pound brass or bronze vessel has an interesting look to it so I picked it up today but have zero information on the underside marks, no other marks are found. many thanks in advance.

Subject:Re: Heavy Brass vessel mark identification please
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Aug 05, 2018

The marking reads,
惣 - Sō
According to my search on the web、 in the
early Shōwa (pre-WWII) era there was a sculptor, designer named Mieda Sōtarō 三枝惣太郎
in the Takaoka Copper Foundry designing mostly
okimonos. He used this 惣 marking.

With regards,
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