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Subject:Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Clark Mon, Jul 09, 2018 IP: 2601:647:5680:398a:e

I am asking if anyone has any information on this walking stick. I bought it at an estate auction 30 years ago, ten years ago I took it to a local auction house with some other things I was curious about and they were very interested in this item because they said they were not aware this type of carving was being done as early as they were assuming this was carved. They thought it was Indonesian, it's roughly 2 1/2 ft long and carved from an ebony or ebony like wood with mother of pearl inlay. I have no idea if the auction house was accurate with their information, so wondering if anyone else knows?

IMG 1878

IMG 1879

IMG 1880

IMG 1883

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Jim Tue, Jul 10, 2018

Hi Clark
From the limited detail of your photos this is almost certainly a PNG walking stick, usually carved by the Massim people of the Trobriand Islands. They are still being made today and are usually made from ebony with inlaid mother of pearl. However, ebony is almost non existent in the region with only limited supplies available. They are usually exquisitely carved by hand and are just beautiful in my humble opinion though not that valuable.
Jim from Oz

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Clark Wed, Jul 11, 2018

Jim from Oz, thank you for the reply, yesTrobriand island, png absolutely and a few hundred at best, many lesser carved examples for much less although I know little of the fine points on objects like this. Seems the auction house was accurate about what it was just a little overly excited as they seem available. I also brought them some exceptional hetian jade as a test and they had no idea, so didn't trust them with info on my other items.
Thanks again, Clark

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Thu, Jul 12, 2018

About the Hetian Jade, why not put some high quality pictures into this forum.
Do not expect good answers by placing low quality pictures.

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Clark Thu, Jul 12, 2018

Hi Jim, sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn't post the hetian here for info as I know exactly what it is, This was just a piece of jade i brought to the auction house in person and they were clueless.

one of my best friends in China has written a dozen books on China's master jade carvers and I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with many of them in the studio and socially over the last ten years and they help me anytime I need anything regarding jade.

I'm surprised the pictures were poor for you, sorry about that, the images on imgbb I uploaded are fairly high resolution, did they not load for you?

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: James newton Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Hi Clark

It was Ernest Wilhelm, one of the very knowledgeable respondents on this forum who asked about the jade. I know enough about jade to get me into trouble!!!!!hence I let any questions go through to the keeper!!!!.
Jim from Oz

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Mon, Jul 16, 2018

So, where are those sharp Jade pictures??

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Clark Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Hi Jim, I realized my error about 2 seconds after posting and didn't know a way to edit my message, thanks for taking the time to reply and help and thank you to Ernest also, sorry for my dyslexia.

The pictures I posted are hosted on imgbb and the thumbs are displayed on the thread, are the images after clicking the thumbnails not loading in full resolution?

Thx, Clark

Subject:Re: Carved Ebony walking stick
Posted By: Clark Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Ernest, hi and sorry for missing your name on the previous reply I can only claim ignorance as my defense. I thought perhaps you might be interested in my friends work, or at least know of it since you love jade. Her name is Yu Wai Li, she's a writer and story teller more than a jade authority and her books are about the people and inspiration for their work. Each book showcases carvers from different areas in mainland china and all of the carvings are made from I think some of the finest material available. I'm no jade expert either, but I have spent years lucky enough to touch and hold some nice jade as well as the fakes and junk in the shops and jade markets across China and see the streets stained with dye from treating jade and fake stone in the factory's nearby. All that said I never trust my eye alone if real money is involved and thank experts such as yourself for sharing your experience. Getting back to the books, unfornatuly there is no English translation as of yet, I did see some of them listed on Amazon a few years back and one of the jade markets in China had some counterfeit copies (imagine that), but I'm not sure how available they are outside of China.

Kind regards, Clark

IMG 1899

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