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Subject:Old Chinese porcelain
Posted By: SKIPPY Mon, Jul 09, 2018 IP: 2600:1700:9981:47b0:

Grandma brought this back from Asia and made a lamp. Any idea of age, name of design, chop signature, and rough range of value? The triangle next to the chop has 38 inside it. What does this mean? About 12 inches high. Thank you very much.

Subject:Re: Old Chinese porcelain
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jul 09, 2018

This is a piece of Chinese late 20th century or subsequent porcelain with transfer decoration added by one of the ornamentation factories in Macao or possibly Hong Kong. shows some Macao examples, though I didn't see this precise form and pattern with apocryphal Qianlong mark, as on yours.

Best regards,

Bill H

Subject:Re: Old Chinese porcelain
Posted By: Arjan Mon, Jul 09, 2018


To start at the end....
Finding such a (western) number is a bad sign if you were hoping to find a treasure. It's probably a modelnumber or something like that. So value?.... forget about that if you like it. The Chinese characters are a Qianlong reignmark (Da Qing Qianlong nian zhi"
The design? it's a rather modern execution of what's called "Rose Canton" (Rose medaillion). I guess your jar was decorated in Macao and for the dating: 1960 or later.


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