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Subject:Very unusual mark on a piece of cloisonne
Posted By: Greg Sun, Jun 10, 2018 IP:

Hello everyone!

I have come across a very unusual mark on a piece of Chinese cloisonné. It starts as all too many do, but ends with a term I have never seen on any piece ever, cloisonné or otherwise... "Qian Long Nian Zhi You." "You" means "have" or "to have." I have been searching for the purpose of this extra character, and the purpose of it's use, but can not find anything. Can anyone enlighten me on this please? Sorry, but the photo is small and this is the best I can attach to this site. Thank you.

Subject:Re: Very unusual mark on a piece of cloisonne
Posted By: TD Fri, Jun 15, 2018

The presence of the character 有 on the piece may be an instruction to the crafts person to add an attachment or to the enameller to use or add a certain colour.

This is only a conjecture.

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