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Subject:Chinese book and translation please
Posted By: Kevin Sun, Apr 15, 2018 IP:

I would like to know if anyone recognises the book the illustration is taken from? And

What the (ancient?) Chinese text says in the 4 boxes?

Thank you

Link :The original picture

Subject:Re: Chinese book and translation please
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Apr 16, 2018

The text is an unknown compillation from horoscope books on recorded guest stars, mainly comets,supernovae and other astrological phenomena - believed to bring prosperity or disaster to China
Box 1,
Zhou Bo (周伯)Horoscope,
Citation from History of Jin (晉書) Vol.12 Sec.No.2
..a rising yellow star was seen in the country of Dai Chang
Box 2,
Da Bao (大堡)Horoscope
Box 3,
Ge Ze (格澤)Horoscope
Citation from Record of the Scribe - astrological Notes (史記 天宮書)
Box 4,
Jin Yu (金譽) Horoscope

With regards,
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