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Subject:RONG HUA TANG DECORATIVE plate set for sale
Posted By: Sandra Wed, Apr 11, 2018 IP: 2600:1700:ca01:6f10:

I have this decorative plate set which I believe it's Rong Hue Tang.
open to your offers and opinions.

Subject:Re: RONG HUA TANG DECORATIVE plate set for sale
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Apr 11, 2018 includes this under the heading of United Wilson Porcelain Company in Hong Kong. it would be read as "華榮堂製 - Hua Rong Tang Zhi" (Made for the Hall of Magnificant Flowers" or by another reading, "Made for the Hall of China the Magnificent". In any event, the mark is on contemporary porcelain and not found in the "Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics" by Gerald Davison.

Best regards,

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