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Subject:identify paintings and value
Posted By: Cristiana Fri, Mar 02, 2018 IP:

I have these two paitings since I won as marriage gifts. I would like to identify them and know their possible values. I'm moving to another country and they are among the things that I won't take with me. I'm interested in sell them to someone that like as much as I like.
Thank you for the help!

Subject:Re: identify paintings and value
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 04, 2018

1st picture,
翠光 - Suikō  (Signature of artist)
Seal is unreadable to me.
In the Japanese literature there are three painters with the same art-name.
1, Fukuda Suikō 福田翠光 1896-1973
Painter from the circle of Kyoto painters.
He painted mostly birds and flowers.
The signature style does not match with the signature in ID
2, Aoyama Suikō 青山翠光 1890-?
Painter from Osaka (Only name without more info)
3, Maruoka Suikō 丸岡翠光 Active in mid-20th c.
Painteress (Only name without more info)

With regards.

Subject:Re: identify paintings and value
Posted By: Cristiana Mon, Mar 05, 2018

Thank you so much for your reply and the information.
My best wishes.

Subject:Re: identify paintings and value
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 04, 2018

2nd picture,
秋色 九十五歳 白石 - Autumn scenery -
Ninety-five Yaers Old - Baishi
本人  - Oneself (in Person)

Qi Baishi 齊白石 1864-1957
Qi is one of the world`s most valued artists.

Your work looks to be a woodblock watercolor print. The original prints
from Rongbaozhai Publisher/Peking are made with such an accuracy that the reproductions look almost genuine - so it is difficult to figure out such works professionally. The original prints from the
1940-5o-es depend on size, theme etc.could sell for a few
hundred dollars, but the problem is that those prints could be already forged.

With regards,
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