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Subject:Need help identifying this painting
Posted By: Nicole Wed, Feb 28, 2018 IP: 2601:702:1:7546:4030

I acquired these paintings some time ago but don't know anything about them. If anyone could give me some information/background about these pieces of art I would appreciate it thank you.

Subject:Re: Need help identifying this painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Mar 02, 2018

Pls. see my explanation on the previous posting.
My reading and rough translation of inscription,
鶉鳥圖 -Picture of Quail (Non indicated)
尺幅凝霜 驚有鶉在 毳動氄張 竦勢奇彩
啄唼青蕉 風揺露麗 視思誰 誰得其解
From the wide scale of frozen frost the quail is scared
Its fine and soft feathers are towering in extraordinary splendour
Pecking and crowing in the green weeds, the wind shakes the dew sprinkles
In regard to what one sees, who understand it.
Seal on the right,
韓氏中紅 - Han-shi Zhong Hong - Surname and art-name of artist - Han Ximeng
Seal on the left,
五顧珍寶  - Five Gu Treasures -
Gu is the name of this kind of embroidery handed down from the Ming dynasty.
(顧綉 guxiu)

With regards,
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