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Subject:Need help identifying art work
Posted By: Nicole Wed, Feb 28, 2018 IP: 2601:702:1:7546:4030

I acquired these paintings some time ago but don't know anything about them. If anyone could give me some information/background about these pieces of art I would appreciate it thank you.

Subject:Re: Need help identifying art work
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Mar 02, 2018

Pls. see my two previous answer to your posting.
Inscription on the picture,
花谿漁隠圖 - Picture of Hidden Fishing on the Flower Creek
仿黄鶴山樵筆 - Painted in the manner of the Yellow Crane Hill Wood-cutter
Art-name of the famous Yuan Dynasty painter Wang Meng (1306-1355)
Seals; Pls see previous postings

2nd pic.
First line of inscription in my rough translation,
何必熒々 山高水空.....
Why are the mountains and waters twinkling.....
Signature of calligrapher,
董其昌 - Dong Qichang
Seal under the signature;
董其昌印 Seal of Dong Qihang
(1555-1636), painter and calligrapher
Inscription on the right side,

Jiaqing Reign, Year of Metal-Horse (1810),Mid-autumn, Using Six Silver Taels
Purchased in the old painting shop of Tian Shi on
Liulichang Street (Peking)

I just hope that you have not paid more than 6 paper dollars for them.

With regards,
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