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Subject:Fine Japanese porcelain leaf shaped dish.
Posted By: Brandon mccloskey Wed, Feb 28, 2018 IP:

If someone could translate the 2 marks on the underside and give me a bit of info I would greatly appreciate it. If you look closely there is a small impressed mark beside the blue painted mark, I believe the orientation is correct. By the design I figured it to be mid century but the firing flaws have me thinking its a fair deal older than that.. possibly? You can see the flaws in the close up picture. Its also quite heavy for how much light it lets through which I found odd.

Subject:Re: Fine Japanese porcelain leaf shaped dish.
Posted By: Martin Michels Fri, Mar 02, 2018

I have no idea what the blue mark reads, the only character I recognize is Ni (2) 二.
The impressed mark reads: Shubei (Shuhei) 周兵.
During the Meiji period there was a Kato Shubei active, but he signed his pieces with: Shubei 周兵 Sei 製 - Hakuundo 白雲堂 (Made by Shubei - White Cloud Hall). Mostly blue-and-white ware.
In my opinion this piece here looks more of something from the 1930's, so I don't think it's by Kato Shubei.

Subject:Re: Fine Japanese porcelain leaf shaped dish.
Posted By: Brandon Mccloskey Sun, Mar 04, 2018

Thank you Martin, yeah it doesn't look like any Japanese I've ever saw, possibly the painters unique mark? By the style I too thought it was later but is common for 30's porcelain to have such predominant firing flaws? I thought that was more mid to late 1800's.. I will look into the name, it is very fine porcelain. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |