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Subject:Help Identifying an artist signature
Posted By: David Dixon Fri, Feb 23, 2018 IP: 2603:300b:100:8c00:8

I'd appreciate your help Identifying this artists signature.
Thanks and best regards,

Subject:Re: Help Identifying an artist signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Feb 24, 2018

My tentative reading of inscriptions,

Mountain villages are left behind the door of snow
Everything, (even) the ten leagues long dike is
covered with powdered beads
19th Year of Meiji (1886) Late Autumn (Lunar Calendar) painted
at Tama no Ura, Fusa Province (Today`s Ibaraki Prefecture), Sakura (Name of Place)

Chokunyuzanshō - Signature -Woodcutter of Chokunyu Mountain (Art-name of painter)
Upper seal,
田癡之印 - Ta Chi no In - Seal of Ta(nomura)
Chi (Chi was the original name of artist)
Lower seal,
顧絶  - Kozetsu (Never looking back) - Another
art name of artist)
Starting seal,
直入山印 Chokunyu-san In

The three seals with the names (included in ID dictionaries) limit the artist whose name is Tanomura Chokunyu ( 田能村直入)
Tanomura Chokunyu 1814-1907 was born in Takeda Village. Bungo Prefecture as a son of a samurai family.Studied painting at Tanomura Chikuden. Later
adopted by his teacher.
He was a poet and student of Chinese Neo-Confucianism. In 1896 established the Nihon Nanga Kyokai in cooperation with Tomioka Tessai and Taniguchi Aizen.He was termed as the last of great literati masters of Japan.

Soon will return with the reading of big seal.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Help Identifying an artist signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Reading of the leisure seal (Big seal),
(Last two characters are contracted into one character)

Bamboo window - at time of reading a book -
a gust of wind straight blowes into the room

Furthermore、the last two (contracted ) characters 直入
coincide with the name of artist and makes a kind of word pun (straight coming in)

Correction (I dropped the last character from the lower seal in my previous mail)
It reads,
顧絶氏  - Kozetsu-shi (Art-name)

With regards,
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