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Subject:Help with translation and artist
Posted By: Bob Wed, Feb 21, 2018 IP: 2601:285:0:c5ac:c97a


I was hoping I could get some help translating the first part of the poem. I actually figured out the second half by searching a few characters and searched google: 花も実もある "There are flowers and fruit", but I cant find the first column. Also, I was wondering if the artist name could be translated. finally the board has information on the back and hoping it would offer a date/ location information. I know these types are of paintings are pretty common, but there is just something special about this one..

Thank you in advance,

Subject:Re: Help with translation and artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Feb 22, 2018

The reading and translation of inscriptions,
花も實もある - Hana mo mi mo aru
この世哉 - Kono yo ka (na)

There are flowers and fruits
How magnificent is this world
(I wonder this world)
哉 - ka, ka na - is an exclamatory word, used in
written classical language.
實篤   - Saneatsu
Mushanokōji Saneatsu (武者小路實篤) 1885-1976
Japanese novelist, poet and artist

Inscription on back side,
巧芸画  - Collotype picture
不許複製 - All rights reserved
株式會社 大塚巧芸社 - Ǒtsuka Kōgeisha Co.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Help with translation and artist
Posted By: Bob Fri, Feb 23, 2018

You know, I would like all of you here on this wonderful forum to know, you are so helpful and kind..

I have posted a few items here over the years that otherwise would have continued to be in obscurity; with unknown history..

I absolutely thrive on finding the history of items, a large part being Asian origin.. do I hope to find a masterpiece, rare , and so on.. absolutely, but finding a pieces history is even more satisfying in a way,,

I would have no other avenue to find this information that is often provided here..

Although, I have nothing tangible to offer in return, please know and I bet I can speak for many others that visit this site for such amazing information, you are all greatly appreciated !!

Also, thank you I.Nagy for the quick translation

Subject:Re: Help with translation and artist
Posted By: Bob Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Here is a close up of the signature

Thank you for any help on this | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |