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Subject:Celadon cup Qianglong?
Posted By: RogerG Sun, Feb 04, 2018 IP:

Could someone please tell me if this is period or late Qing? The one person I have spoken to was bothered by the off center mark. He said period pieces would always be centered.

Subject:Re: Celadon cup Qianglong?
Posted By: RogerG Mon, Feb 05, 2018

Pic of seal.

Subject:Re: Celadon cup Qianglong?
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Feb 06, 2018

At least a dozen years ago, I came across five small cups with Qianlong four-character marks which aren't exactly identical to the mark on yours but nonetheless are enough in the ballpark to suggest they may be related. Three of them are shown below. Dimensions are about 3 in. wide by 1.75 in. high.

I originally thought these cups were late Qing products, but as new research emerged, particularly from Tony Allen, I've reconsidered them probably to be of the Republic Era, when there seemed to be a proliferation of four-character Qianlong marks (albeit the earliest being in precise, imperial-style script). This also takes into account my perception that the dragon cup has a whiteness of glaze expected of earlier Republic wares.

Your cup seems to me to share a certain similarity in the calligraphy of its mark to those shown here, including in its somewhat off-center positioning, as well as the toasty biscuit color on its foot rim. none of my cups have the apparent "anhua" (secret) decoration in their glaze like yours, but a couple of them (one shown here) do have sgraffito patterns incised into their glaze.

Other observations welcome.

Best regards,

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