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Subject:Asian Floral Painting signed on cloth
Posted By: Mugzinnys Sat, Feb 03, 2018 IP:

Help Id Artist, title and origin

12" X 16"

Subject:Re: Asian Floral Painting signed on cloth
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Feb 11, 2018

Reading of signature,
祥雲  - Shōun - Auspicious clouds -
Art name of painter
Reaging of seal,
竜   - Ryu - Dragon - Second art-name -

In the largest Japanese artist ID dictionary there are four artists with  art-name "Shōun" listed.
Fujii Shōun ( 藤井祥雲)1892-
Onoda Shōun ( 小野田祥雲) 1874-
Arii Shōun (有井祥雲)1885-
Nonouchi Yasutarō (野々内保太郎)1902- Until 1932
used the "Shōun" art-name.
Unfortunately, no signature and seal examples are given to any of the listed artists, and there is no
reference which could be connected to the "Ryu -Dragon"seal.
Conclusion; your artist could be a fifth unknown
(The possibility of being a Chinese artist can be
ruled out, because in Chinese related literature
the use of this art-name is unprecedented).

With regards,
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