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Subject:Can anyone identify this carved lacquer Japanese Kamon/floral motif?
Posted By: Jim Wed, Jan 31, 2018 IP:

This carving is on a 13mm lacquer bead or possible ojime, believe to be of the Edo or Meiji period. The pictures are close-ups. The first pic shows a single four petal flower motif which may be part of a Kamon. Connected to the top-center flower petal is a vine (or bird?) design which is part of the motif. There is a mirror image of this in the lower quadrant, and the entire design is repeated on the opposing side of the bead. Does anyone recognize this as a Kamon?

Adjacent "nature" motifs are also pictured. These appear to contain chrysanthemum flowers, a bee or...?, and a panel of honeycomb. As can be seen the "cinnabar" outer layer has been almost complete worn away - it is highly polished from use; the worn edges very thin.

Any help that could provide further research avenues is much appreciated - Thank you!

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