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Subject:Satsuma Kogo. Seikozan?
Posted By: victoria Sat, Jan 27, 2018 IP:

Can anyone give me information about this small Satsuma kogo? What is the subject matter, for example?
Thank you.

Subject:Re: Satsuma Kogo. Seikozan?
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Jan 28, 2018

Sorry, I don't know much about what the subject is.
The mark is indeed Seikozan 精巧山. With above the name the Shimazu family crest (circle with cross) and under the name the logo of the Yasuda company. Seikozan was one of the well known painters of that company, but little is known about the artist himself.

In 1896 the Kyoto Ceramics Joint-Stock Company was started by Yasuda Gensei (15th generation) of Awata Yaku and his brother Yoshizaburo Yasuda. They hired a number of excellent painters to produce quality Satsuma ware. The company used a unique trademark (the Yasuda logo). Wares from the Kyoto Tojiki Goshi Kaisha usually have a cartouche with the full name of the company and/or the trademark (logo). Separately, the artist name might be added. Yasuda Gensei died in 1932

The best known & most regarded of the artists working for this company was Ryozan. Other Yasuda artists were Hozan, Kanzan, Kizan, Seikozan, Shuzan, Sozan and Unzan.


Subject:Re: Satsuma Kogo. Seikozan?
Posted By: victoria Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Hello Martin,
Thank you for the information.
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