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  • Signature This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Help for painting seals. - Jan 27, 2018 (09:56 AM)
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Posted By: Help for painting seals. Sat, Jan 27, 2018 IP:

Found that painting from second hand shop in Finland. Is there anybody to help with seal and signature? Any information are welcome. Thank You.

Subject:Re: Signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 28, 2018

1st seal reads,
戲墨斎  Room Dedicated to Ink (Starting seal)
2nd seal reads,
嘯呼歡娯 Whistling and Shouting Happily (Leisure
seal, with the motto of artist)
Unfortunately the latinic letter signature or inscription is illegible.
In my interpretation:
In Harck ho ? 卅 Chinese character for 30
Rutter fuyos (fugos) ?
品九 Chinese characters: article nine
fleurer ?

With regards,
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