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Subject:Jade identification (very special piece)
Posted By: David Tue, Jan 23, 2018 IP:

It looks very old to me. The craftsmanship look right under the 15x magnifying glass. It looks like it is imitating a Song dynasty style piece, but my feeling tells me it should be a later (Yuan/Ming/Qing)? production?

1. What is the time/period of this piece of jade?

2. What is the context of this piece? Is the person a scholar holding a "Ruyi" scepter? Is it a child holding something? Is it a "foreign trader" (Hu'ren)?

3. Are there any catalogue/museum pieces similar to this one?

I would really appreciate some help, it has taken me a lot of time researching about this piece, but hasn't been very fruitful. Thank you very very much.

Subject:Re: Jade identification (very special piece)
Posted By: David Wed, Jan 24, 2018

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