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Subject:Asian art and antiques novice guide 2
Posted By: David Thu, Jan 18, 2018 IP:

Hello everyone
The second help for novice online buyers I have...
"The devil is in the detail".
If you find an object you are interested in make sure you read very carefully the detail of the listing. If you are intent on buying an antique then the listing detail at least must state this. Beware anything that doesn't specifically say “Antique”.
Such as...........
”In the manner of”...............
”Antique style”..........
”Very old”................
Etc. There are others.
Beware the item being called antique near the top of the listing only to be referred to as reproduction further down.
The item must say antique only and if possible specify the date of manufacture. Where I come from an antique has to have 100 years of age. Anything less is vintage or if less than 50 years old is basically modern.
If you are not happy with your purchase and want a refund you will have to be sure of what you bought in the first place and if it was incorrectly described in order to aid your case with the platform moderator, who normally will always side with the buyer unless you really didn't check the the detail carefully.
Remember sellers are dealers and dealers are interested only in selling. Many online dealers are not interested in telling you the truth especially if you buy with eyes of innocence. Online platforms are littered with fake and incorrectly described items and it is your responsibility to do your best in not making a mistake
If in doubt...."Ask questions".
If the dealer seems bothered or evasive you have your answer right there. Move on to another piece and ideally another dealer.
Remember. “The devil is in the detail”!

Next... Auctions not online but in reality. Lest we forget there is another world that is not just online.
I hope I can help a little those who don’t have expertise and or experience.
Best wishes

Subject:Re: Asian art and antiques novice guide 2
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jan 22, 2018

David, your efforts are commendable. Keep it up.

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