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Subject:Possible Chinese Yixing Vase
Posted By: Renee Thu, Jan 18, 2018 IP:

Hello, I have question for the Forum on the attached photo. Is this bulbous vase Yixing? When I first purchased, I thought it may have been based on the shape, color & texture of clay. Also, found a hand written note inside describing it as a Yixing vase, mentioning a page in what may be a book, exhibition or auction catalog (having trouble making out the name of the catalog on note). However, the color scheme and floral pattern of painting do not seem to conform to common Chinese forms. In fact, it seems very American. Attempted to find comparable pieces in terms of shape, size or painting. Identified two pieces that were close to the shape (not exact), a photo of one is attached. I shared a photo with a dealer in Chinese art who dismissed it as definitely not from China. There are no marks I’ve been able to find. Thanks anyone for any insights they can provide. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |