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Subject:Asian art and antiques novice guide 1
Posted By: David Wed, Jan 17, 2018 IP:

Hello Everyone
Just a short interjection of my opinion and hopefully help to those of us that know "J" shit about Asian art and the huge pitfalls that await us unsuspecting buyers on the oh, not so wonderful medium called the internet. I'll be short........

Buy from popular sites and you will see many of these....... Pic1
All priced the same. There are thousands and they are all fake.
However, if you just have to buy a pretty scroll for your wall then check out these options that appear in the lists.....Pic2
Its not a masterpiece at all but it costs very little and you won't loose. If you are going to take risks and even I've taken a few risks, head for a 100% positive seller who has an internet shop and a real shop in the street. It will help some.... (only some). 大家好运
Best wishes. David | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |