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Subject:No16. Japanese woodblock. Artist & subject?
Posted By: Vicky Tue, Jan 16, 2018 IP: 2a02:c7d:1daa:2900:f

Japanese woodblock. Assistance identifying artist & subject please.
Part of a large collection that will be posted for identification.

Subject:Re: No16. Japanese woodblock. Artist & subject?
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 21, 2018

鶴ヶ岡ノ場  Scene of Tsurogaoka
Characters (Kō no Moronao, Enya Hankan etc.) from the Mid-18 C. Jōruri Kanadehon Chushingura (Forty-seven Rōnin) Kabuki play.
Without cartouche or signature of artist.
With regards,
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