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Subject:The meaning of Chinese characters
Posted By: Chinese Pewter Three Handled Cup Mug Sun, Jan 14, 2018 IP: 2600:1006:b144:b4e2:

Please help me the year it was made and the meaning of the Chinese characters.

Thank you in advance.

Subject:Re: The meaning of Chinese characters
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jan 15, 2018

1st picture,
A Flowery Autumn Moonlit Night at the Spring River
2nd picture,
西陽其永時用 Xiyang always enjoyed the time..
(A fragmented text from an old Chu Dynasty inscription)
3rd picture,
賀鍚   Heyang
城肇三興   Chengzao Sanxing (Could be a name of shop in Sanxing,Jiangsu)
口水     口shui (1st character is not clear)

With regards,

Subject:春江花朝秋月夜 and 肇城三興
Posted By: Super Tue, Jan 16, 2018

The 7-character sentence in your top picture, from right to left and top to bottom is one of the 88 verses of the poem, The Pipa Tune ( 琵琶行) written by the famous Tang dynasty poet, Bai Ju-Yi (白 居易)in 816 AD. "Two years earlier he was demoted and left the capital city. Like The Song of Everlasting Regret (長恨歌), The Pipa Tune (琵琶行) has been extremely popular over the years. The poem contains a total of 88 verses.'" (see the tenth paragraph)


The verse immediately followed it is:

According to the above links, both verses can be translated together as:

"On a blossom day in spring or a full moon night in fall,
I often pour wine by myself and drink it all."


"Be it a flowering spring day on the river or a moonlit autumn night,
I would often take out some wine to drink by myself."

Therefore it makes sense this verse is being carved on this tin pot of yours.

To save room, the carver had to put the last two characters, 月夜 (right to left) together in the last (bottom) spot.

The two most famous verses, IMHO, are:

"We are both disadvantaged wayfarers of this world,
Must we be acquaintances in order to compassion show as our paths cross? "

Any Chinese who had studied Tang poems would undoubtedly know these two verses by heart.

Also the middle mark in your bottom picture, instead of 城肇三興
I believe it should be:
肇城 (from right to left, old way of writing Chinese)the name of the city;
and 三興 the name of the manufacturer
I googled and found this:
清晚期“肇城三兴”款花卉诗文卷书型锡壶- 中华古玩网- 古董收藏、古玩 ... › 店铺交易

Sep 29, 2013 - 规格:高8.5厘米,壶嘴壶柄间宽173厘米,重360克。 年代:清晚期备注:清晚期“肇城三兴”款花卉诗文卷书型锡壶,正面刻诗文,反面刻花卉纹。 底落款“净水肇城三兴贺锡”,壶身作卷书造型,口沿包铜,造型少见。全品, 美国拍卖回流。 800×609 · 800×572 · 800×567 · 800×618 · 800×613 · 800×534 · 800×574.
Apparently, it was a tin pot made by 肇城三興 in the late Qing dynasty. I do not know if yours is really that old. Hope this helps.

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