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Subject:Chinese moonflask vase mark and identification
Posted By: Siw Renate Thu, Jan 11, 2018 IP:

Any help regaring identifying this chinese vase's marking, age and/or value is highly appreciated!

Subject:Re: Chinese moonflask vase mark and identification
Posted By: Bill H Fri, Jan 12, 2018

This vase with six-character Kangxi mark appears to have a 20th century paper label of a type I've seen used on Chinese porcelain articles that were sold by stores in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia around the 1970s-80s. I believe by that time, anything authenticated as Kangxi-period art was protected against export from Mainland China and Taiwan by Patrimonial law. In any event, this vase looks too defect-free for the Kangxi period in my opinion, and I'd opine from the store label it probably is a decorative item from the late 20th century.

Best regards,

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